Célula Peltier 40x40mm
  • Célula Peltier 40x40mm
  • Célula Peltier 40x40mm
  • Célula Peltier 40x40mm

Peltier 40x40mm TEC1-12706

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This Peltier is a thermoelectric cooler with the ability to heat and cool objects in minutes by simply feeding its terminals.
When reversing the feed the effect will be the opposite, that is, one side of the Peltier pellet will cool and the other will heat up. This allows a wide application in projects with Arduino like CPU cooler, mini-refrigerators and water heaters.

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- Model: TEC1-12706
- Temperature range: -30 to 70 Celsius
- Operating voltage: 0-15,2VDC
- Operating current: 0-6A
- Maximum power: 60W
-Dimensions: 40 x 40mm

After connecting the Peltier pellet, one side will heat up quickly while the other side will cool down, however, so that it does not come into balance and compromise the pellet requires a heat sink on the warm side.

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