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MQ-135 Sensor Air Quality Sensor Hazardous Gas Detection Module Arduino


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1. Size: 32mm X22mm X30mm length * width * height 

2. The main chip: LM393, MQ135 gas sensing probe 

3. Operating voltage: DC 5V


1. Signal output indicator instructions; 

2. Dual signal output (analog output, and TTL level output); 

3. TTL output valid signal is low; (output low signal light, which can be accessed microcontroller IO port) 

4. Analog output with increasing concentration, the higher the concentration, the higher the voltage; 

5. Sulfide, benzene Department of steam, smoke and other harmful gases with high sensitivity; 

6. Has a long life and reliable stability; 

7. Rapid response recovery characteristics;


A hazardous gas detection apparatus for the family, the environment, suitable for ammonia, aromatic compounds, sulfur, benzene vapor, smoke and other gases harmful gas detection, gas-sensitive element test concentration range: 10 to 1000ppm



int sensorValue;

void setup()
  Serial.begin(9600);      // sets the serial port to 9600

void loop()
  sensorValue = analogRead(0);       // read analog input pin 0
  Serial.println(sensorValue, DEC);  // prints the value read
  delay(100);                        // wait 100ms for next reading


An example with calculation of the CO2 value:


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