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IDL-800 - Digital Training Lab

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Description Didactic Console for Digital Tests and Simulations

Features 7-segment 2-digit LED display

Breadboard 1896 points

Power Supply

Output Voltage: 0 ± 15V

Output Current: 300mA, max.

Reg. Line <0.05% / V and Load <30mV at Ta = 25ºC

Output Voltage: -5V

Output Current: 1A, max.

Reg. Line <50mV and Load <100mV

Output Voltage: -5V

Output Current: 100mA, max.

Reg. Line <25mV and Load <30mV


Digital (D. V. M.) 3 ½ digit

4 ranges: 0 199.9V, 0 19.99V, 0 1,999V, 0 199.9V

Impedance: 10MOhm (all scales)

Banana and BNC Connectors

Included Accessories 4 x Banana connectors, 4 x BNC connectors, Power cord and Instruction Manual

Package Weight 4.2Kg

Equipment Dimensions 48 x 36 x 20mm

Package Contents Console, 4 x Banana Connectors, 4 x BNC Connectors, Power Cord and Instruction Manual

Quantity per Package 1

2 Year Warranty


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