DC Stepper Servo L293D
  • DC Stepper Servo L293D
  • DC Stepper Servo L293D

DC Stepper Servo L293D

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This is the L293D Shield Motor high voltage integrator, high current and control 4 channels in one plate! Basically this means you can call DC motors and a source of tension over 36v that this chip is responsible for providing a maximum current of 600mA per channel. The L293D chip is also known as an H type bridge which is typically a circuit which allows a voltage to be applied to a load in any direction to an exit, such as a motor.

This Arduino Motor Shield is based on the L293D chip and with it you can control up to 4 DC motors, 2 servos or two motors Step!

The L293D chip has internally 2 H Bridge and supports an output current of 600mA per channel, that is, you can control up to 2 motors with 600mA each, as this Shield have 2 chips. Supported voltage 4,5-36V.

This Motor Shield L293D is compatible with Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega and you can check out various projects in the blog links at the end of the ad.



  • Chip: 293D (Datasheet)
  • You can control 4 DC motors, 2 Step motors or 2 Servants.
  • Output voltage: 4,5-36V
  • Output Current: 600mA per channel
  • Up to 4 DC motors bi-directional 8-bit rates of individual selection (about 0.5% resolution).
  • Up to 2 Step motors (unipolar or bipolar) with single coil, dual or interlaced steps.
  • 4 Bridges H: 0,6A for bridge (1.2A peak) with thermal protection and feedback protection diodes.
  • Pull Down Resistors keeps desativos engines during power input.
  • Arduino Reset button available on top of the plate.
  • Terminals in 2-pin jumper block and to external power connection.

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