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Welding Station Hot Air + Welding Iron w / LCD + Accessories

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2 in 1 Hot Air Soldering Station and MLINK H5 Soldering Station

Adjustable hot air station from 100 ° to 480 ° with 700W of power, generation of air flow by diaphragm pump and flow meter.

60w welder adjustable from 200º to 480º with smoke absorber.

Digital temperature control of both hot air welder and potentiometer with flowmeter, to regulate airflow more accurately.

- Station for welding and desoldering SMD components.

- It has a heating element of 700W

- Flow of air by membrane pump with flowmeter.

- Temperture for digital display.

- Includes 4 round nozzles 10,7mm, 7,3mm, 5mm and 3mm.

- Includes 1 IC extractor

- Includes a heating element for hot air.

- Compatible with MLINK, AOYUE and Star Shuttle v1 nozzles.

- Airflow regulator per potentiometer

- Independent ON and OFF control

Welder Features:

Resistance voltage: AC 26V 50Hz

Maximum power 60W

Smoke absorption welding pencil: temperature range 200ºC - 480ºC

Soldering tip included T-B

Includes a heating element

Includes 10 additional soldering tips for compatible models for "T" type welding tips, 900m MLINK and 900m Hakko

Technical specifications

Voltage: 220V.

Heating power: 700W.

Pump: diaphragm type pump. .

Air flow: 28L / min (maximum).

Welding power: 60 W

Display: LED.

Size: 151 x 100 x 133mm.

Weight: 2.5 kg.

Noise: <40dB.


Welding station

Iron Welding with smoke absorption

Welding iron bracket with storage tip and bracket


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