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Standard Passive Buzzer


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Buzzer is an integrated structure electronic transducers, DC voltage supply, widely used in computers , printers, copiers , alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment , telephones, timers and other electronic products for sound device .

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  • Working voltage:3.5-5.5V 
  • Working current:<25mA

Buzzer introduction:

Piezo buzzer divided into electromagnetic buzzer and buzzer.
The buzzer in the circuit use the letter "H" or "HA" ( old standard with "FM", "LB", "JD" , etc. ) indicates.


Structural principle:

Piezo buzzer mainly by multivibrator, piezo buzzer , impedance matching and resonance box , casing and other components. Some piezo buzzer case is equipped with light-emitting diodes.
Multivibrator constituted by the transistors or integrated circuits . When switched on (1.5 ~ 15V DC working voltage ) , multi-harmonic oscillator start-up , the output 1.5 ~ 2.5kHZ audio signals , impedance matching push piezo buzzer sound.
Electromagnetic buzzer from the oscillator, the electromagnetic coils, magnets, and other components diaphragm and the housing . After power on , the audio signal generated by the oscillator current through the electromagnetic coil , the electromagnetic coil generates a magnetic field . The electromagnetic coil and the diaphragm is the interaction of the magnet, periodically vibrating sound.



//ARDUINO reference source programme?
int buzzer = 8; // Set the control the buzzer digital IO pin
void setup()
  pinMode(buzzer, OUTPUT); // Setting the digital IO pin mode , OUTPUT is Wen out
void loop()
  unsigned char i, j; // Define the variable
  while (1)
    for (i = 0; i < 80; i++) // Wen a frequency sound
      digitalWrite(buzzer, HIGH); // Sound
      delay(1);//delay 1ms
      digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW); //Not sound
      delay(1);// delay 1ms
    for (i = 0; i < 100; i++) // Wen out another frequency sound
      digitalWrite(buzzer, HIGH); // Sound
      delay(2);//delay 2ms
      digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW); // Not sound
      delay(2);//delay 2ms


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