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Ultrasonic Waterproof Radar Module JSN-SR04T

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Model Number : Ultrasonic Ranging Module
JSN-SR04T Integration Ultrasonic Ranging Module Reversing Radar Waterproof Ultrasonic
Product characteristic:
1, small size, easy to use;
2, low voltage, low power consumption.
3, high precision measurement;
4, strong anti-interference;
5, the integration of enclosed probe waterproof tape line, apply to damp, bad measurement occasions.
Products should be used:
1, horizontal distance;
2, obstacle avoidance, automatic control;
3, objects close to, and exist
4, traffic control;
5, security, industrial control;
6, artificial intelligence, the research
The basic principle of work:
(1) using IO mouth TRIG trigger range, high level signal for at least 10 us;
(2) module automatically sent eight 40 KHZ square wave, automatically detect whether there is signal to return;
(3) have returned signal, through IO mouth ECHO output a high level, the duration of the high level is the time of ultrasonic wave from launch to return.Test distance = (high level of time * sound velocity (340m/S))/2;
This module USES method is simple, the mouth sends a high level of more than ten us, you can receive the mouth for high level output. To be able to open the timer timing, an output when the mouth into a low electricity at ordinary times the value of the timer can be read, this is for the distance of time, can calculate the distance. So constantly cycle test, which can reach your mobile measuring values.


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