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Blue LED Digital Voltmeter DC 3.2V - 30V


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This digital LED meter measures DC voltage from 3.2-30 volts with 1% accuracy. It clear and easy to read. These come in handy for measuring the output of  projects with 30V ranges.With a reverse polarity protection function.



Dimensions: 35mmx14mmx10mm
Measurement accuracy: 1%
Refresh rate: about 200mS / times
Display: Three 0.36 "digital tube
Measuring range: DC 3.2V-30V (Can Measure Power Supply 3.2-30V Directly)
Input range: DC 3.2V-30V
Display Color: Blue
Operating current: Less than 20mA
Operating temperature: -10°c -65°c
Input impedance: About 100K

Red: Power Supply +, Measure +
Black: Power Supply -, Measure -


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