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20pcs 20cm Jumper Wire MM


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jump wire, is a short electrical wire with a solid tip at each end (or sometimes without them, simply "tinned"), which is normally used to interconnect the components in a breadboard. PE: among others, they are used to transfer electrical signals from anywhere on the breadboard to the input/output pins of a microcontroller.

Jump wires are fitted by inserting their "end connectors" into the slots provided in the breadboard, that beneath its surface has a few sets of parallel plates that connect the slots in groups of rows or columns depending on the area. The "end connectors" are inserted into the breadboard, without soldering, in the particular slots that need to be connected in the specific prototype.



There are different types of jumper wires:

  • With crocodile clips

jump wires with crocodile clips are used, among other applications, to temporarily bridge sensors, buttons and other elements of the prototypes with each other or with a Microcontroller.

  • With insulated terminals

When using those with "insulated solid tips" the arrangement of the elements and ease of insertion of the insulated "Jump wire connectors" on the breadboards allows increasing the mounting density of both -components and jump wires- without fear of short-circuits. The jumper wires vary in size and color to distinguish the different working signals.

Variation of jump wires with insulated terminals as per male-female combinations:

  • Male - Male
  • Male - Female
  • Female - female


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