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Arduino GSM Antena ANTH7100A0200AI1


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Projetado para  GSM / GPRS / 3G e 2.4GHz eficaz em aplicações internas.

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Arduino GSM Antenna ANTH7100A0200AI1

Designed for providing effective GSM / GPRS /3G & 2.4GHz performance in indoor applications, the Siretta “T Bar” antenna is popular for in vehicle communications as both a versatile antenna for hands free car kits or in after market telemetry applications.

Optimised for use on all 4 GSM / GPRS frequencies, it also offers 3G functionality for mobile broadband users as well as 2.4GHz ISM performance to accommodate users of Bluetooth, WLAN and Zigbee products.

Supplied with 2.5 metres RG174 cable and an SMA Male connector, it is a simple, cost effective solution for telemetry applications requiring digital wireless connectivity. (Datasheet)