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Sensor de Monitor de Frequência Cardíaca para Arduino


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Sensor de pulso desenvolvido com base em técnicas PPG (PhotoPlethysmoGraphy). Uma técnica óptica simples e de baixo custo que pode ser utilizada para detectar a alteração do volume sanguíneo no leito microvascular dos tecidos.

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1. This product is NOT a professional medical device and should not be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions. 
2. This sensor is designed to work when the user is not moving. If used while moving it will give inaccurate results.

The DFRobot heart rate sensor is a thumb-sized heart rate monitor designed for Arduino microcontrollers.

This sensor is a pulse sensor which is developed based on PPG (PhotoPlethysmoGraphy) techniques. This is a simple and low-cost optical technique that can be used to detect blood volume changing in the microvascular bed of tissues. It is relatively easy to detect the pulsatile component of the cardiac cycle according to this theory.

The sensor has two holes that you can use to attach to your belt. You can wrap on your finger, wrist, earlobe or other areas where it has contact with skin.

To ease the difficult of using this sensor,  a Gravity Interface is adapted to allow plug&play.  The IO sensor shield is the best match for this sound senor connecting to your Arduino or other microcontroller. As this sensor can work at 3.3V which make it compatible with Raspberry Piintel edison, joule and curie. 

Gravity: Heart Rate Monitor Sensor For Arduino Demo Project 2

Gravity: Heart Rate Monitor Sensor For Arduino Demo Project 1

Gravity: Heart Rate Monitor Sensor For Arduino - DFRobot


Input Voltage (Vin): 3.3 - 6V (5V recommended)  Output Voltage: 0 - Vin (Analog), 0/ Vin (Digital)  Operating current: <10mA  Dimension: 28 x 24(mm), 1.102" x 0.945"(in)  Interface Type: PH2.0-3P


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Heart Rate Monitor Sensor For Arduino x1 Wrist belt x1 PH2.0-3P cable x1