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Arduino Basic Kit


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We think its a good Basic starter DIY  kit for arduino Beginners, with these components you can do lot of experiments like Matrix, LCD, Remote control as well as buzzer light etc! 

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No soldering required. We recommend this kit for beginners!

Kit include:

  •  Jumper Wires x 20
  •  Crystal Breadboard x 1 
  •  Piezo Sounder x 1 
  • 1602 LCD Module (blue) x 1 
  •  Potentiometer x 1 
  •  8x8 LED Matrix x 1 
  •  4 Digit 7 Segment LED x 1 
  •  Push Button x 10 
  •  Red LED 10 PCS + Green LED 10 PCS + Blue LED 10 PCS
  •  200 ohm Resister x 10 
  •  10K ohm Resister x 10  
  •  Infrared Remote Control with Battery  


Some typical Arduino example you can do with this kit:

Examples 1   {Basics --Blink}


Examples 2   {Basics--Digital Read Serial}



Examples 3   {Basics--Analog Read Serial}

Examples 4  {Analog I/O--Fading}




 Examples 5  {Digital I/O—Button}



 Examples 6  {Display--LED Bar Graph}



More learning information, also you can visit ---learning---examples    Learning Examples


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