RD02 - Motor Wheel Kit
  • RD02 - Motor Wheel Kit

RD02 - Motor Wheel Kit

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Um sistema Robot Drive completo, pronto para integrar no seu robô, composto de um módulo de accionamento de motor MD25, dois motoredutores EMG30 com encoders, dois suportes de montagem, duas rodas de 100 mm com cubos já montados.

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Devantech RD02 - 12v Robot drive

A complete Robot Drive system, ready to integrate into your robot, comprising of an MD25 motor drive module, two EMG30 gearmotors with encoders, two mounting brackets, two 100mm wheels with hubs already fitted. Screws to fit the motors to the brackets and a hex key for the hub screw is included. Only a single 12v battery capable of supplying peak current of 6Amps is required to power the system. Power for the logic comes from an on-board 5v regulator which is also capable of supply up to 300mA to your own circuits.

MD25 - Dual 12Volt 2.8Amp H Bridge Motor Drive


The MD25 is a robust I2C or serial, dual motor driver, designed for use with our EMG30 motors. Main features are:

  • Reads motors encoders and provides counts for determining distance traveled and direction .
  • Drives two motors with independent or combined control. 
  • Motor current is readable.
  • Only 12v is required to power the module.
  • Onboard 5v regulator can supply up to 1A peak, 300mA continuously to external circuitry
  • Steering feature, motors can be commanded to turn by sent value.
  • Variable acceleration and power regulation also included


Jumper Selection

  I2C mode with no jumpers installed, up to 100 khz clock. 
  Full Details of I2C Mode is here
  Serial mode at 9600 bps, 1 start bit, 2 stop bits, no parity
  Full Details of Serial Mode is here
  Serial mode at 19200 bps, 1 start bit, 2 stop bits, no parity
  Full Details of Serial Mode is here
  Serial mode at 38400 bps, 1 start bit, 2 stop bits, no parity
  Full Details of Serial Mode is here

Motor Voltage

The MD25 is designed to work with a 12v battery. In practical terms, this means the 9v-14v swing of a flat/charging 12v battery is fine. Much below 9v and the under-voltage protection will prevent any drive to the motors.

Motor Noise Suppression

When using our EMG30 encoded motors, you will find that a 10n noise suppression capacitor has already been fitted. Other motors may require suppression. This is easily achieved by the addition of a 10n snubbing capacitor across the motors. The capacitor should also be capable of handling a voltage of twice the drive voltage to the motor.


The Red Power Led indicates power is applied to the module.
A Green Led indicates communication activity with the MD25. In I2C mode the green led will also initially flash the address it has been set to. See I2C documentation for further details.

Board dimensions



 EMG30, mounting bracket and wheel specification



The EMG30 (encoder, motor, gearbox 30:1) is a 12v motor fully equipped with encoders and a 30:1 reduction gearbox. It is ideal for small or medium robotic applications, providing cost effective drive and feedback for the user. It also includes a standard noise suppression capacitor across the motor windings.




The EMG30 is supplied with a 6 way JST  connector (part no PHR-6) at the end of approx 90mm of cable as standard. 
The connections are:


Wire colour   Connection
Purple (1)   Hall Sensor B Vout
Blue (2)   Hall sensor A Vout
Green (3)   Hall sensor ground
Brown (4)   Hall sensor Vcc
Red (5)   + Motor
Black (6)   - Motor

note that pull up resistors (we used 4k7) are required on the hall sensor outputs, and wires are the colours from the actual cable.


Rated voltage   12v
Rated torque   1.5kg/cm
Rated speed    170rpm
Rated current   530mA
No load speed   216
No load current   150mA
Stall Current    2.5A
Rated output   4.22W
Encoder counts per output shaft turn   360


Measured Shaft Speed when used off-load with MD23 and 12v supply.
Minimum Speed   1.5rpm
Maximum Speed   200rpm

EMG30 Mounting Bracket
Providing easy mounting  of the EMG30 to the robot, the bracket is made from a 2mm thick strong aluminum and finished in blue enamel.


Wheel 100
A 100mm diameter wheel with 5mm diameter hub for easy attachment to the EMG30, the wheel has a 26mm wide rubber tread 




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