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Leitor RFID com USB - Sparkfun


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O leitor USB RFID é uma base USB para serial, simples de usar, para leitor ID-3LA, ID-12LA e ID-20LA. 

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The SparkFun RFID USB Reader is a simple to use, USB to serial base unit for the ID-3LA, ID-12LA, and ID-20LA readers. Simply plug a reader into the headers and attach a miniUSB cable. Open a terminal program of your choice at 9600bps 8N1, then scan your 125kHz ID tag and the unique 32-bit ID will be shown on the screen. The unit is based on a FTDI chip and comes with a read LED and buzzer.

This new revision uses SMD headers for the RFID module, and has a solder jumper which allows you to disable or enable the buzzer.

Note: This product does not come with the RFID reader. Check below for compatible readers.

Dimensions: 1.4x1.2x0.57"