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GY-31 TCS3200 Color Sensor Recognition Ver maior

Sensor Reconhecimento Cor GY-31 TCS3200


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GY-31 TCS3200 Color 

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Chip: TCS3200
Input voltage: DC 3 - 5V

Use bright white LED lights
Can be connected directly with Microcontroller
Static detection of the measured object color
Best detection distance: 1cm

 PDF file in the library folder explains the use of sensor with the library.

Library example code includes:

  • Simple blocking read from the sensor
  • Simple RGB non-blocking read
  • Example incorporating sensor calibration
  • Color learning and matching

This library has a dependency on the FreqCount library for frequency counting (included in the download). Please read the setup information in the FreqCount header file or its distribution web site, as the type of Arduino that you are running will determine which pin should be used for connecting to the sensor’s output pin


Download Schematic

Download Datasheet 

Download Example Code