MQ-7 CO Carbon Monoxide
  • MQ-7 CO Carbon Monoxide

MQ-7 CO Carbon Monoxide

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Carbon monoxide (CO) is a very dangerous gas which is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, so it cannot be smelt, seen, or tasted. A person really would have no idea that they are breathing in CO besides the fact that they would start to feel horrible.


he most common symptoms of CO poisoning is headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and a feeling of weakness. Neurological signs include confusion, disorientation, visual disturbance, syncope, and seizures.

Carbon monoxide is produced from the partial oxidation of carbon-containing compounds; it forms when there is not enough oxygen to produce carbon dioxide (CO), such as when operating a stove or an internal combustion engine in an enclosed space.


Mainly used for CO collection detection in family, factory, underground operation.

  • Detection Zone:10 to 1000ppmm.
  • Characteristic Gas:100ppmm co.
  • Sensitive Resistance:2K to 20K in 100ppm co.
  • Sensitivity:>=3%.
  • Response Time:<=1s.
  • Recovery Time:<=30s.
  • Heating Resistance:31±3.
  • Heating Current:<=180mA.
  • Heating Voltage:5.0V±0.2V /1.5±0.1V.
  • Heating Power: about 350mW.
  • Conditions:Ambient Temperature:-20C~+50C.
  • Humidity:<=95%RH.
  • Oxygen Content:21% .
  • Size: 3.5cm X 2.2cm - 1.4inch x 0.9inch.


CO is measured in parts per million (ppm). To give you some perspective, the natural atmosphere is composed of 0.1ppm. Ther average level in homes is 0.5-5ppm. The level near properly adjusted gas stoves in homes and from modern vehicle exhaust emissions is 5-15ppm. The exhaust from automobilies in Mexico City central area is 100-200ppm. The amount of CO that can be created from the exhaust from a home wood fire is 5000ppm. Concentrations as low as 667ppm may cause up to 50% of the body's hemoglobin to convert to carboxyhemoglobin. A level of 50% carboxyhemoglobin may result in seizure, coma, and fatality.



const int AOUTpin=0; //the AOUT pin of the CO sensor goes into analog pin A0 of the arduino
const int DOUTpin=8; //the DOUT pin of the CO sensor goes into digital pin D8 of the arduino
const int ledPin=13; //the anode of the LED connects to digital pin D13 of the arduino

int limit;
int value;

void setup() {

Serial.begin(115200); //sets the baud rate
pinMode(DOUTpin, INPUT); //sets the pin as an input to the arduino
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); //sets the pin as an output of the arduino


void loop(){

value= analogRead(AOUTpin); //reads the analaog value from the CO sensor's AOUT pin
limit= digitalRead(DOUTpin); //reads the digital value from the CO sensor's DOUT pin

Serial.print("CO value: ");
Serial.println(value); //prints the CO value

Serial.print("Limit: ");
Serial.print(limit); //prints the limit reached as either LOW or HIGH (above or underneath)

if (limit == HIGH){

digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); //if limit has been reached, LED turns on as status indicator



digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); //if threshold not reached, LED remains off


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